Mobile Metro Treatment Center
Mens Drug Rehab

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1924 Dauphin Island Parkway
Mobile, AL 36605
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Men Rehab Primary Services

Substance abuse treatment and drug rehab

Type of Care

Mens Drug Rehab, Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and Drug Rehab Program in Mobile Alabama

Services Provided

Substance abuse treatment, Detoxification, Methadone Maintenance, Methadone Detoxification for Men.

Payment Type

Self payment


Mobile Metro Treatment Center Men Rehabs drug rehab in Mobile Alabama. With a primary focus on Substance abuse treatment and drug rehab. Specializing in Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and Drug Rehab Program Mobile AL area.

Facility Notes

How in the hell do you people think people with addictions can self pay when every dime of their money go's towards there next fix. There are people in Mobile that are literally dying because they can't get the help they so desire because you want their money. If you people are reputable then why are'nt you funded by or accepting medicare or insurance payments. My brother is slowly dying because of doctor neglect of 17 years of METHADONE and now he can't detox with help because he can't afford to SELF PAY. SHAME ON YOU!!! IF IT WERE YOUR FAMILY MEMBER, THAT PERSON WOULD DEFINITLY GET HELP FROM YOUR CENTER, PAY OR NO PAY !!! GO AHEAD AND DELETE THIS MESSAGE AND GO ABOUT YOUR DAY AS I AM CONTEMPLATING HOW TO KEEP MY BROTHER ALIVE! THANKS FOR NOTHING! 

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Carlie on 02/11/2009 10:43:00 AM 

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Substance abuse treatment, Detoxification